We all know there is a Liine. We help you to see exactly where it's drawn in the workplace.

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The Liine

The Liine takes the guesswork out of office relationships by tracking mutual consent of interest. We help to make strictly professional relationships more professional and also assist those interested in office dating to safely initiate. Stop wondering if ‘just drinks’ means team-building with coworkers, a first date, or the first step to an extremely awkward conversation where The Liine was not clear.

How It Works

We’re not a dating app. We’re a mutual consent tracker where you can be sure your first move is both wanted and warranted. Because The Liine isn’t about hooking up with everyone in the office. Users can choose up to 5 people they’re interested in by adding their email address to their Liist.

The process is double-blind. No one will know of your interest unless they are interested in you, too. Take the guesswork (and creepiness) out of office romance. If you don’t have a match, then they aren’t interested. Seriously. Save your not-so-subtle advances for the people you match with and save face (and a possible sexual harassment claim).


The Liine Rules:

  1. Have an office email address (like yourname@company.com. This is how we keep it within your workplace).
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Trust the process. If you don’t have a match, they aren’t interested—That means keep it professional.